Free your mind. By now you might have heard mention of yoga. Or tried yoga. Or devoted all your spare time and change to yoga. So, what do you think? Do you like it slow, speedy, mellow, sweaty, chill, with music, silent, traditional or completely off the hook? Are you for or against a zillion chaturangas in one night?

This is a space for all of us to congregate. It's for those who want to sweat. It's for those who want to slow down. And it's also for those who want to escape the 24x68 yoga mat rectangle and DANCE!, handstand, boot camp, and suspend from the ceiling upside down and backwards.

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new studio: The Annex


The Annex is open!


Our new location is at 4202 Telegraph Avenue, just a block away from our original space. To find out a where a given class is held, check the room column on the online schedule.

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